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New Bride Wedding Tip Excerpt:

From Chapter 2; Apparel for the Bride:

Real Wedding Tip
Accessories and other Outrageously Priced Extras.

Here's a quick quiz: Where do bridal shops make the most profit?

If you answered "dresses", think again. Actually, it's those "bridal accessories" that truly keep the cash register humming. Items like petticoats, lingerie, shoes, garters, gloves, stockings and jewelry are a major profit center for bridal retailers…

Avoiding the big rip-offs in this category is tricky. Nearly a third of all brides fall victim to sales hype and buy accessories at bridal shops. While brides try on gowns, owners of bridal shops often sneak out those bras, jewelry, hosiery, and other do-dads. There may be subtle and not-so-subtle pressure to buy the "whole outfit". We say resist the pressure and shop around. For example, those $70 shoes at bridal shops may be much cheaper at chain shoe stores. Those stores also offer a wider selection, too…

Helpful Hints. Sometimes the first dress you try on is the one you pick. We're always surprised by the number of brides we've met who buy the first gown they tried on. Perhaps the first impression you get from that first dress you tried on is the one that most sticks in your mind. Warning: bridal retailers are wise to this phenomenon and hence, bring out their most expensive gown for you to try on first…

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